25. oktoober 2011

Kutse: Taani Rahvaülikool otsib uusi õpilasi talve semestriks 2.11 2011 - 04.01.2012

Võimalik on ühineda rahvusvahelise kursusega tervelt 3-ks kuuks või isegi 6-ks kuuks kui soov on, et arutada maailmahariduslikel teemadel.

Join our International Class "Take the Future" and get together with  people from many different countries, with many different backgrounds.

• Active citizenship

• Democracy

• Cultural understanding

• Communication

• Discussions

• Workshops

• Lectures

• Excursions


It is important to our school to inspire activism and public service in the world at

both the corporate level and the individual level.

We expect from you to share your opinions and ideas while you are here.


• What is culture?

• Danish Democracy and culture

• 2015 Millenium Goals

• Civil Society

• NGO hopping

• Forum Theatre

• Open Space Forum

• Green project – green flag

• Coaching


Nordfyns Folkehøjskole is situated in the tiny village of Harritslev near

by the bigger town Bogense.

Nordfyns Folkehøjskole is working for inclusion, intercultural understanding,

democracy and awareness raising towards our common


Nordfyns Folkehøjskole is part of the Informal educational system in

Denmark. The overall idea is to explore the potentials of life. That

means to develop life competences and to build up social networks.

Informal education is without marks and exams. The impact will show

in your life afterwards. In short we say that your output of informal

education will be in your head = more knowledge and in your heart =

more commitment towards your future. Take a look at this general

web: (www.danishfolkhighschools.com)

Other classes at our school:

• Life class - predominantly mentally handicapped students.

• Social and health class - predominantly Japanese students

• Life style class focusing on weight reduction.

• General Class - preparing for job or further education.

Some foreign students use the course as social pedagocial training

with handicapped people. Both in theory and pratice you can learn a lot!

See more: www.nfhs.dk/english


Küsi lisa: estyes@estyes.ee

Osalustasu 70 eurot ja Estyes liikmemaks 18 eurot. Reisikulud tuleb
ise tasuda. Elamine söök ja kogu õpe 3 kuu jooksul on tasuta!

KANDIDEERIMISE soov teatada: estyes@estyes.ee

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